• M240B/M240G Machine Gun 3D Model - DCC

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M240B US Army / M240G US Marine Corps 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun 3D Model
Digital Content Creation Package - for

  • max v6
  • maya v5
  • lightwave3d v8
  • obj

Extremely detailed and highly accurate, including interior parts. Can be easily stripped into assembly groups or even individual parts. It's the best M240 machine gun 3d model ever!

When use as USMC M240G model, remove the M240B_ThermalSleeve and M240B_ThermalRails parts.

All clean mesh polygonal models, 100% problem free. 

All movable parts have pivot points. All exterior edges are rounded or chamfered. All polygonal meshes are formed as closed solids, with no open seams. Materials and textures included for quick rendering.

Polygon Count: 173,186

The polygon counts list here are the actual triangle face count at rendering stage. This model was translated into triangular polygons, no further tessellation required for rendering.

Originally built in SolidWorks to achieve highest accuracy.

Technical Info:
Materials and Texture maps fully supported in max/mb/lwo
Bump map not supported in obj

Pivot points and rotating axis fully supported in max/mb
Pivot points need adjustment in lwo
pivot points not supported in obj

M240B/M240G Machine Gun 3D Model - DCC

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